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Turner Valley School: March is Nutrition Month! Plan a Healthy Plate

Balanced meals help you and your family meet your nutrient needs.

Try this step by step guide when planning your meal:

1. Fill half of your plate with vegetables. More than one type will make it easier to fill up!

2. Fill about a quarter of your plate with whole grains, such as brown rice, wild rice, whole grain pasta, quinoa, or barley.

3. The last quarter of your plate belongs to meat and alternatives. Fish, beans, chicken, eggs, meat, and nuts all count! Meat alternatives like beans and lentils are
nutritious and budget-friendly.

4. Include milk and alternatives, such as a glass of milk with your meal or yogurt for dessert.

Set yourself up to eat more vegetables and fruit:

  •  Keep fruit on the table for a “grab and go” snack.
  •  Stock up on frozen or canned fruit and vegetables without added sugar and salt -they keep longer than fresh and don’t require any washing or chopping.
  •  Shred carrots or zucchini into stews, chili, pasta sauces, rice dishes or stir fries.
  •  Cut up vegetables and have them in the refrigerator in see-through containers at eye-level so you quickly grab and eat them.

Check out for additional tips, information, and recipes to help you make healthy eating choices.

Happy Nutrition Month!

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