Turner Valley School – Library to Learning Commons: Changing Names Changing Attitudes


TV School - library chairsIf you happen to drop into the Library/Learning Commons you will notice a number of recent changes that have taken place in our space. We are evolving our library space towards a Learning Commons model to create a physical and virtual space where inquiry, imagination creativity and collaboration thrive.

Recent furniture purchases have been made with the intention of supporting creative and collaborative inquiry-based learning and critical thinking. The addition of portable computing devices, iPads, movable tables and bookshelves, as well as colorful chairs, all support this shift from a static learning environment to a dynamic, flexible and learner-centered learning hub at the heart of the school.

Feel free to drop by to take a look!


A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to the Parent Council for the new furniture in the Learning Commons. We have really cool furniture now. Like bouncy chairs, hand chairs and new colourful tables I think my favorite thing is the leather animals. It was thanks to our parents. ~ By Cody G.