Turner Valley School: Grade 2 Reflections on Peace

During the recent Remembrance Day week, the Grade 2s read the Todd Parr book called ‘The Peace Book’.

They then thought about what peace meant to them. The following are their ideas:

Peace is lying in bed. By Tieren

Peace is a nap. By Rachael

Peace is for respecting others. By Leighton

Peace is freedom. By Sydney

Peace is rest. By Owen

Peace is when my brother isn’t so loud and I can read my chapter book. By Aubrey

Peace is to be free. By Brooklyn

Peace is petting my cats. By Chelsea

Peace is when I watch my I-pad. By Tyson

Peace is loving. By Mackenzie

Peace is when I care for others. By Sarah

Peace is napping. By Sam

Peace is loving someone. By Cassie

Peace is when you have two minutes of silence. By Riley

Peace is watching TV. By Erich

Peace is freedom. By Chinook