Turner Valley School Grade 1 Reflections on the Calgary Science Center


My Class went to the Science Center yesterday.

I got to go on the jungle gym!

At the dinosaur we got to play with the dinosaur with a remote.

By Tieren

I went to the Science Center.

I climbed up a rock wall.

We built a house.

By Ryleigh

TV School - jungle gymI went to the science Center for my first time yesterday.

I had fun.

The jungle gym was fun and the dinosaur moved with a remote control.

You could make your one move.

I was with my Auntie.

By Sarah

The Science Centre

I went in the jungle gym but the best part was when I saw Tieren’s brain.

We saw a book about this boy and he built a tall tower with dirty diapers!

By Chinook

It was very interesting.

I liked the jungle gym.

I had so much fun at the Science Center.

By Brenna

TV School - experimentsMy class and I went to the Science Centre!

I went to the jungle gym.

It was my second time there.

It was very fun.

My class and I built towers made of tubes and connectors.

My group built a school.

My favorite part was the stage.

By Cassie

I went to the Science Centre with my class.

I had fun. It was my first time at the Science Centre.

My favorite part was the building and I played at the jungle gym.

It was really fun. I built a house.

By Grace-Lynn

My class went to the Science Centre. It was my

second time. My favorite part was the jungle

gym. It was fun. We played with a lot of things.

It was fun. We built a school! We used

connecters and tubes.

By Tyson