Turner Valley School: Christmas Message

As we enter the Christmas season, Turner Valley School continues to be a very busy place. Decorations are up, lights are lit and excitement is building in anticipation of the celebration to come. A number of activities are planned for the school community and the community at large. We invite all members of our community to join in the celebrations of the Christmas season, especially our concert* on December 20 at 1:30 and 6:30. Due to our growing size, we are having two performances to help reduce the number of people attending in the evening. We still encourage your children to attend both performances.

The first reporting period has just been completed and learner profiles went home November 30th. By all indications the students of Turner Valley School are progressing very well.

The staff at Turner Valley School has been involved in a number of professional development activities that support our goals of improving academic excellence. “The Work” as we call it, in the areas of classroom assessment, reading improvement, math and student engagement that will help us in our mission continue to be a “GREAT” school.

It is my wish, on behalf of the staff, that everyone has a safe, happy, and peaceful Christmas season.

Sincerely, Mr. J. Holladay and Ms. D. Reid

*Christmas Concert

There will be two Christmas Concert performances again this year. Due to our growing school community and limited gymnasium capacity, we will be offering an afternoon performance this season. Please attend the performance time that works best for you.

Tuesday afternoon we will be having a dress rehearsal and any Tuesday/Thursday kindergarten parents/family are welcome to attend. This will begin at 1:00 pm.

We look forward to celebrating the students hard work and getting into the Christmas spirit!

Please note: Students need to be in their classroom by 6:15 sharp the night of the concert.