Turner Valley School: Ask the Principal – Snow Hill

Winter is here….and what about that snow hill?

Snow is such a wonderful thing, so many of us have had great memories and experiences playing in the snow. And there is nothing more exciting for a child then an enormous mound of snow to play on. The concern I have had brought up is about behavior and location of the hill. So I will try to address both.

Behavior – Sometimes students get so caught up in playing on the hill that it may turn to inappropriate language or pushing and shoving. During the school day, the teacher on supervision has final say in how the snow hill may be used. Sometimes certain students are not allowed to play on it if they cannot control themselves, sometimes no students. We make that call as we see how students are behaving. After school I am outside most days and will address any issues I see or that are brought to my attention by a parent. After 3:15 there is no
supervision and sometimes students continue to play on the playground (and snow hill). This is a parent decision to let their child continue to play after school and it is the responsibility of the parent to monitor their child. The common
saying, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is so true and gives all of us as parents the moral responsibility to address anything we feel is not appropriate.

Obviously, if inappropriate behavior continues feel free to let me know and I will talk to any student from our school that is not behaving or respectful.

Location – Depending on the year, snow could be piled in multiple places. The snow will not be
taken away, and pushing it onto the soccer field is not an option as it tears up the grass and leaves ruts. Once you take that into consideration, anywhere else will be by a fence, building, or pole. I will continue to be in discussion with the School Division (who then has a contractor) to place the hill in the best possible location, but sometimes if we just move it another location new issues arise.

I really appreciate all the discussion and feedback I receive from parents, not just on the snow hills but in all areas regarding our great school. So as we go through another snow filled winter we will continue to try and keep all of our kids as safe as possible, where ever the snow piles are.