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Turner Valley School: Ask the Principal – What is Reconciliation?

Reconciliation is recognizing what the impact of residential schools has had on our Indigenous peoples and communities. The impact is a legacy of unresolved trauma passed from generation to generation and has had a profound effect on the relationship between indigenous peoples and other Canadians.

When we have a better understanding of what inter-generational trauma is and how it has affected our youth and their families to date, we can create empathy, compassion and a better understanding of how we are to move forward.

Collective efforts from all peoples are necessary to revitalize the relationship between indigenous peoples and Canadian society – reconciliation is the goal. It will take the commitment of multiple generations to achieve this, it will make for a better, stronger community and Canada.

We have been asked to recognize reconciliation at the start of large public functions by giving a land acknowledgement. I have included below the acknowledgement we used at our Christmas Concert.

“We would like to
acknowledge the
traditional territories
of the people of
Treaty 7 Region in
Southern Alberta
and the Métis Nation
of Alberta Region 3.”

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