Turner Valley School – Ask the Principal: What to Expect Next Year

Turner Valley School – Ask the Principal: What to Expect Next Year

Looking ahead to classes next year: What to Expect?

Can you believe it’s June already? Many parents are wondering what the classes will look like next year and how are class lists made. Next year the classes will look the same as this year with one addition. Because we are a growing school and we are fortunate to be able to add another class in grade 5/6. As the number of students in these two grades are very large this year we will have a third class (a grade 5/6) to reduce class size.

As for class lists, which is a big wondering for parents as they think about next year, we will have staff send out an email Aug 30th welcoming students and parents to their class. Teachers will relay any start up information needed for the first day of school on Sept 1st. For the class assignment itself, staff spend a lot of time discussing and analyzing each and every student. There are many factors that go into the decision to place a child in a given class. Academics, peer relationships, gender balance, learning supports, behaviour, emotional and social needs. The criteria are extensive.

Sometimes we have parent requests for a certain class. We then take each request and look at the whole picture and make an informed decision on our end that best meets the needs of all students. Because of the complexity of the situation and the dynamics of kids, sometimes those requests may be denied. We strive for the best fit, which may not always be in a class with their best friend or a teacher an older sibling had.

With the time and energy put into planning for next year, and the great staff we have in every classroom. We know your children will have a great year, especially as we work together to maintain a positive environment for all.