Turner Valley School Access Update

Our new portable classroom is finally in the works. If you were at our school earlier this month, you would have seen the fencing that has been put up to mark off the area where our new portable is being placed.

During construction, we are closing off the south boot room completely. There will be no access to the school through the kindergarten doorway.  The second boot room that the Grade 3’s and 4’s were using will now be utilized by Kindergarten, Grade 1 classes and also by our Grade 3’s to enter and exit the building.

The Grade 2 classes are entering and exiting from the doors into the east wing by the front doors.  The Grade 4’s are entering and exiting through the front doors of the school and the Grade 5 and 6’s are using the far north doors to access their classroom during the construction.

We appreciate your patience while we work together to help our school expand.

Thank you,

Mr. James Holladay, Principal