Turner Valley Residents Launch Crowd-funding Campaign in Advance of Appeal Hearing Regarding the Drinking Water


Turner Valley residents Roxanne Walsh and Julie Walker have launched a crowd funding campaign https://justicefundr.ca/?p= 1735 in advance of the Alberta Environmental Appeals Board hearing April 28-May 1, 2015 to pay for their expert(s).

Turner Valley could be considered to be one large contaminated industrial site with over 100 years of oil and gas production in the area.  The water intake is located in the middle of it all within the Sheep River aquifer.  Land across from the water intake is a “former” industrial landfill used for the historic Turner Valley Gas Plant from the 1930’s to the mid 1970’s.

All funds raised will be directed to WDA Consultants Inc., for the preparation of an expert report on the hyrdogeology of the area and the pollutants in the surrounding area that may be entering the alluvial aquifer as a result of past waste practices. This report will be entered as evidence at the hearing. The Appellants also hope to raise enough money to hire a second expert and do some testing of their own.

“Residents of Turner Valley and Black Diamond deserve to know if our drinking water is safe,” said Walsh. “Members of the public can help by donating whatever they can towards an expert report that will be used to demonstrate the need for adequate monitoring of our drinking water.”

A link to the campaign can be found here: https://justicefundr.ca/?p= 1735

The crowd-funding campaign will be hosted on JusticeFundr, the world’s first crowd-funding platform for public interest litigants.