Turner Valley RCMP – Vehicles rummaged through, trailer stolen from driveway

RCMP - Crest-insigneDuring the evening of July 28th a travel trailer was stolen from the driveway of a residence in Black Diamond. On that same night, just down the street another had an attempt made on it. The stolen trailer has since been recovered.

Police would like to take this time to inform the public that over recent weeks the Turner Valley RCMP have investigated multiple complaints pertaining to the theft and attempted theft of travel trailers; as well as several cases of unlocked vehicles being entered and rummaged through in the Black Diamond/Turner Valley area

Police are reminding the public that these events were all crimes of opportunity. Thieves appear to be walking the streets checking door handles and taking items at random when a vehicle is found unlocked. Locking your car doors or purchasing a hitch lock for your trailers can often be enough to deter such crimes.

Anyone who witnesses a crime or has information regarding one is asked to contact the Turner Valley RCMP or report via Crimestoppers.