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Turner Valley RCMP – Motorcyclist Caught Doing Deadly Speed

Turner Valley, AB – On June 12th, 2019 an RCMP member was conducting high visibility rural patrols as part of a Foothills County Enhanced Policing Agreement.  At approximately 5:40pm, the officer observed a motorcycle travelling south bound on Hwy 762 at a high rate of speed.  The motorcycle’s speed was confirmed with the use of a radar unit at a top speed of 224 km/hr in a posted 90 km/hr zone.  The motorcycle was stopped and a 26 year old female from Calgary, Alberta was subsequently summoned to appear for mandatory court in Turner Valley, AB next month. The RCMP would like to remind motorists that travelling at such an extreme rate of speed poses a serious risk to the driver as well as the general public.

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  • Susan Raby-Dunne , June 19, 2019 @ 7:08 am

    As a 40+ years motorcyclist, a former motorcycle safety instructor and a resident of this area (Longview) there has to be something done to educate riders along that road. In this case it’s Highway 762. It’s a beautiful, winding country road which a real pleasure to ride on. However, besides being a fun bike road THERE ARE WORKING FARMS ALONG THAT ROAD! A few years ago one of the farmers whose family I know, pulled out with a load of cattle in a trailer and promptly got smacked by one of these speed riders who was instantly killed. I’m sure he is still traumatized as is, obviously, the biker’s family. Besides being dangerous, it’s the height of selfish disregard for people and families who live along that road to ride at those kinds of speeds. The woman who’s about to go to court should at least get to view the photos of the accident mentioned between Luke Ball, the farmer, and the dead rider.

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