Turner Valley Provides Guidelines for Building Your Fence

Along with the warmer weather and longer daylight hours comes that very lengthy list of outdoor projects!  If you have some fencing on that list, you will want to be aware of the details contained within Land Use Bylaw 03-869, as amended.  Here are a few little tidbits that will be helpful in the completion of your fence.

  • You do not need a permit to build a fence.
  • Your fence must be located on your property line. If you have a Real Property Report (RPR), use those measurements provided there to ascertain the exact location of said property line.  Neighboring fences are not to be used as markers as they may not be correctly located on the property.
  • Chatting with your neighbor, prior to building a fence, can be beneficial to both parties! We love to see neighbors collaborating on design, construction and cost sharing where both properties benefit from a great looking project.
  • Fence height for the front yard: from the front of your house to the front property lineyour fence can be 1m (3.26 ft.) in height.
  • Fence height for the back yard: from the front of your house to the back-property line your fence can be 2m (6.56 ft.) in height.
  • Hedges can serve as a fence as long as you adhere to the same height restrictions.
  • Retaining walls are also allowed, however if the height is greater than 1 m (3.26 ft.) they require an Engineer’s stamp of approval. This will ensure that the integrity of the wall is not compromised and will remain structurally sound for years to come.
  • Some communities within the Town of Turner Valley have architectural controls in place that stipulate the design, materials, and height of a fence. Please check with the Developer, Builder or check your certificate of title to find out.
  • NO barbed wire or electric fencing is allowed in Town unless you are zoned as Urban Reserve (UR).

Make sure to call Alberta One Call BEFORE you jump on the end of that shovel! Alberta One Call or call 1-800-242-3447.

We are always happy to help you in any way we can!  Please do not hesitate to contact Judy Mackenzie at 403-933-6201 or via email at judym@turnervalley.ca

Enjoy the summer and happy fence building!