Turner Valley News: Repairs and Maintenance

Decalta Drive Road Repairs

For two weeks beginning October 14,  crews will be working to complete major road repairs on Decalta Drive from Imperial Drive to Okalta Drive.

Minor traffic delays may be experienced.  Please obey all posted signage and be cautious of crews working on the road.

Work is being done to improve the gravel standard of the road before winter.  Permanent paving is expected to be undertaken in 2015 after the completion of flood mitigation work which requires the passage of heavy loads and equipment.

Hydrant Flushing and Waterline Maintenance

Due to water restrictions, in the Spring of 2014, we were unable to conduct the Town of Turner Valley’s annual hydrant flushing. This is a routine procedure that is carried out as a preventative maintenance check and balance, as well as to ensure we are maintaining the integrity of the water distribution system thus allowing us to continue to deliver the highest quality water possible to our customers. Although it may appear that this system check is a waste of a precious commodity, our water, it is the most accurate process to monitor the proper operation of hydrants, adequate flow and pressure in our distribution lines. As well, it removes sediment and rids pipelines of stagnant water that ensures water clarity is maintained within the pipes.

As a result of the line flushing process, residents in the immediate vicinity of the work may experience temporary discoloration of their water. This discoloration consists primarily of harmless silt and air which does not affect the safety of the water. If you do experience this, simply clear the pipes in your home by running all water faucets for a period of 3-5 minutes.

We encourage all of our customers to adopt the same philosophy of water line preventive maintenance in your own homes. It is recommended that your home water heater be drained and flushed on a regular basis, according to manufacturers’ recommendations, in order to keep it working effectively and efficiently.

This procedure will be conducted in October, 2014 whenever weather deems it suitable. In order to conduct this process, our Chief Administrative Officer Barry Williamson will sign off on a water permit allowing this work to be conducted by our water plant personnel.