Turner Valley Budget Approved

Turner Valley – At a Special Meeting of Council held Monday, April 27, Council passed Bylaw 15-1044 authorizing the rates of taxation for the 2015 tax year. Decreases in third party requisitions and an increase in assessment due to growth have helped to ensure the increase in homeowner’s taxes is minimized.

The municipal mill rate is set at 7.99999 for 2015. This is a marginal increase from the mill rate of 7.95 which was set in 2014. As an example, considering an average house in Turner Valley with an assessed value in 2014 of $325,000.00, the 2014 total tax levy would have been $3,422.19. In 2015, this same house would assess for $332,600 and have a total tax levy of $3,448.49, an increase of $26.30.

For industrial and commercial ratepayers, the total tax rate for 2015 is 8.57999. This compares to a total tax rate in 2014 of 8.52950 mills.

The 2015 Operational Budget is conservative and strives to maintain a responsible level of service, addressing necessary cost of living and increased cost of supplies and services, in addition to required staffing increases. The 2015 Operational Budget also shows a transfer to reserves which will allow for future expenses to be addressed in a manageable fashion.

The 2015 Capital Budget is quite ambitious, and in addition to the continued flood recovery work and necessary infrastructure and equipment upgrades, several community enhancements are planned, including:

  • $45,928 for pedestrian safety improvements
  • $390,000 for a Decalta Road upgrade
  • $350,000 for a walking pathway along Decalta Road
  • $90,000 for the creation of a day use area at the campground.
  • $35, 000 in playground improvements on Robert Street.
  • $35,000 for an electronic entrance sign to enhance communications to residents.
  • $45,000 for updated water meter reader equipment to improve efficiency in collecting water usage data.
  • $65,000 for the updated 10 Year infrastructure plan to assist in forward planning.
  • $17,000 contribution to maintain the local waste transfer station, in partnership with Black Diamond and the M.D. of Foothills.

For more information see the 2015 Rates of Taxation and the 2015 Imposition of Tax Penalties on the Town’s website.