Turner Valley and High River Residents are Recent Lottery Winners


Turner Valley resident wins $100,012

Robert Hoare of Turner Valley
Robert Hoare of Turner Valley

When responding to good news, everyone reacts in their own unique way. That was definitely the case for Robert Hoare when he found out he had won $100,012 on WESTERN 649 and EXTRA.

“I was so excited when I found out I won,” he said. “I even did the ‘happy dance’ for my wife when I got home.”

Hoare has played WESTERN 649 since it first started in 1999 and has been using his own numbers for the past 10 years. He purchased his winning ticket at the Hi Ho Turner Valley ESSO located at 101 Sunset Boulevard in Turner Valley.

He won $100,000 for matching the last six digits of EXTRA on June 3, along with another $12 in WESTERN 649 and EXTRA subsidiary prizes.

The new winner hasn’t decided exactly what he’ll do with his windfall, but he has a few ideas to start him off.

“We’ll definitely invest some of it,” he said. “And then we’ll do some travelling.”

High River resident wins $2 million with WESTERN MAX

Sheldon Campbell of High River
Sheldon Campbell of High River

Sheldon Campbell buys lottery tickets using the same numbers almost every week. These days WESTERN MAX is his favourite – playing it won him $2,000,002.

“I’ve been playing the same numbers for about a year now,” he said. “I just chose birthdays and lucky numbers.”

Campbell didn’t win on the numbers he chose, but the quick pick numbers that did win are lucky, nonetheless. The new winner said he first checked WCLC’s website, but couldn’t believe his eyes, so he went to a self-checker to make sure.

“It was really exciting,” he said. “My heart was just pounding in my chest.”

On top of winning $2,000,000, Campbell also won a $2 prize on another line of the same ticket. He picked up his ticket at the 7-Eleven Food Store located at 50-3 Ave West and won his windfall by matching all seven of the main draw numbers.

The new winner hasn’t decided what to do with his winnings, but he has a couple ideas in mind.

“I’ll start by paying off all of my bills,” he said. “Then maybe I’ll buy a boat and I’ll definitely take a trip somewhere. Anywhere!”