Trudeau to share plan for real change in first Leaders Debate

liberal-logo-620x406TORONTO – Tonight, Canadians will see first-hand that the Liberal team is the only one offering new leadership and a new plan for real change, said the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

“This debate will provide us with the opportunity to showcase our plan for change that will make a real difference in the lives of all Canadians – change that will help families make ends meet, put more money in their pockets, and bring our country together,” said Mr. Trudeau. “It is time for a new plan to strengthen the middle class and grow the economy.”

The Maclean’s National Leaders Debate, the first English-language debate, will provide Canadians with a clear choice. Harper’s failed plan gives billions in benefits to the wealthiest few and will do nothing to help Canadians get ahead. Thomas Mulcair has no answers on the economy and continues to say different things in different parts of the country. Liberals have a plan that will cut taxes for the middle class, so Canadians can keep more of their paycheques. We will also create one bigger, fair, automatic, and tax-free monthly benefit that will help families with the cost of raising their kids.

“Tonight’s debate will give Canadians the chance to compare my real plan against Harper’s failed plan and Mulcair’s empty promises,” said Mr. Trudeau. “I am thrilled to be here to discuss Canadians’ priorities, and I look forward to engaging with them throughout this campaign.”