Trudeau Promotes Canadian Liberty, Rejects Politics of Fear

TORONTO – Liberal Party of Canada Leader, Justin Trudeau, today criticized Stephen Harper’s politics of fear and division, and outlined his inclusive vision for the country, in a speech to the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada.

“Under Stephen Harper, Canadians have been encouraged by their government to be fearful of one another; to be suspicious of each other’s choices,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Canada needs leadership that recognizes we are strong not in spite of our differences, but precisely because of them, and that means bringing Canadians together, not dividing them against one another.”

Mr. Trudeau argued that Canada’s success is rooted in its unique idea of liberty, which is, at its core, about inclusion. While Canadians identify with both the elements that unite and distinguish them from one another, such as language, culture, religion, gender, and sexual orientation; equally, they appreciate that these contribute to – and do not define – a person’s identity. Mr. Trudeau cautioned that preserving Canada’s unique concept of liberty will not continue without effort, and that despite having built vital institutions around it, like the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it will require real political leadership to sustain.

“The idea of Canadian liberty, of inclusive diversity, has made an unimaginably more diverse society harmonious,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Canada has proven that a nation can be built on shared values, and those of us lucky enough to benefit from Canadian liberty’s many blessings need to be strong and confident custodians of its character.”