Trudeau Liberals Impose Five More Years of Equalization Unfairness on Albertans

NDP-Liberal alliance continues to weaken Alberta

CALGARY, AB: (Last week), the Trudeau government rammed through renewal of the unfair Equalization scheme, a program that punishes Albertans and transfers billions out of Alberta each year.

“Albertans are generous. We don’t object to helping other parts of the country when times are good here and bad elsewhere.  But recently the opposite has been true, with Equalization forcing unemployed Albertans in the middle of a recession to subsidize services in parts of Canada experiencing strong growth.  To add insult to injury, this means we’ve been sending Albertans’ tax dollars to politicians who have opposed our energy industry, which helps to create the wealth transferred through Equalization,” said United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney.

Last November, the NDP government voted to defeat a United Conservative Party motion calling on Alberta’s government immediately to begin aggressive preparations for the 2018-19 Equalization renegotiations.

“The United Conservatives and our legacy parties repeatedly urged the NDP to push for Equalization reform. But instead the NDP sided with their close ally, Justin Trudeau. And what do we get in return? This surprise five year extension of an unfair formula that will cost Albertans tens of billions of tax dollars,” said Kenney.

“This is what the NDP’s alliance with the Trudeau Liberal government has brought Alberta: billions of dollars continue to be transferred out of Alberta every year, even during tough economic times. If elected Premier, I am prepared to hold a referendum to force binding negotiations with the federal government on Equalization. It’s time for Alberta to get a fair deal,” Kenney said.