Trudeau Creating Chaos and Disarray in Canadian Armed Forces: Scheer

Regina, SK – The Honourable Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and of the Official Opposition, released the following statement regarding the resignation of the Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff Paul Wynnyk:
“Justin Trudeau’s meddling and political interference has created unprecedented chaos in the Canadian Armed Forces. In four years, he has destroyed the careers of two of our country’s most senior military officers and caused instability and turmoil at the highest levels of the military.
“Vice-Admiral Mark Norman gave 38 years of his life in service to our great country. He served with honour and integrity, even in the face of Trudeau’s disgusting smear campaign against him.
“Despite everything that has come out, there remain serious and credible questions about the Trudeau Liberals’ political interference in the Norman prosecution. Now, as a direct result of Trudeau’s interference, we have once again lost our military’s second-in-command. Like Mr. Norman, Paul Wynnyk is an accomplished and dedicated military officer who has been caught in the middle of Trudeau’s incompetence and poor judgment.
“The brave men and women who serve our country as a part of the Canadian Armed Forces deserve stability and respect. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have continually put their political self-interests ahead of the heroes who put their lives on the line for our freedom.
“This is wrong and unconscionable. We must do better. Justin Trudeau promised to be different, but clearly he is not as advertised. Under my leadership a Conservative government will do better.”
Unanswered Questions in the Norman Affair:

  • Why did the Liberals go to such great lengths to withhold evidence from Mark Norman’s defence team?
  • How much are Canadian taxpayers on the hook for Trudeau’s settlement with Mark Norman?
  • Was this all a part of an expensive scheme to cover-up Justin Trudeau’s political problems before an election?