Trial Program Going Ahead this Fall to Help Curb the Wild Horse Herd in Alberta

WHOAS (Wild Horse Of Alberta Society) has been selected by the AESRD (Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development) to conduct a trial period of contraception using the PZP vaccine, on a small number of mares from the wild horse herds along the Eastern Slopes, beginning this Fall.

Read more about this program on WHOAS website:

Dr Judith Samson-French, a local veterinarian from Bragg Creek, has done extensive study on this vaccine and its use on wild herds in the United States. She is confident that it is the solution rather than the culls that have happened every year. Dr Samson-French will not be part of this trial period but is fully supportive of the program. Check out this video filmed back in the spring for Dr. Samson-French’s comments on this program: