After a Tremendous Loss, Calgary Family Raises $25,000 for Calgary Humane Society

Calgary, AB — On August 1st 2014, a group of dedicated animal lovers set out on their motorbikes for a three day adventure to raise money for Calgary Humane Society and remember a friend and father. “All my dad would have wanted was for us to finish what he started and raise money for a cause he believed in,” said Daphne James, the daughter of Glen Garland who died while preparing the event site for the yearly event. She continued by saying “it was an emotional weekend with lots of tears, hugs, and laughter. It was really tough for us but we pulled together and made it happen. We quoted my dad all weekend…he would always say “get’er done” and “build a bridge and get over it.” so, we kept saying that every time it got tough and it would help us to pull through.”

“We at CHS, are so thankful for the family pulling together during such a difficult time to raise money for the animals. Without this kind of support we would not be able to do what we do. Friends, strangers and Glen’s family came together for a good cause, and it is very inspiring.” said Ainsley Grant, General Manager of Resource Development at CHS.

There were over 300 bikes and over 800 attendees at our event and about 100 volunteers that either helped prepare and plan or that helped at the event itself Glen’s family is already planning for next year and hope to get over 500 bikes in the next couple of years and continue their crusade to support Calgary Humane Society as Glen would’ve wanted.