Trans Mountain Expansion Update: Minister Savage

Trans Mountain Expansion Update

Energy Minister Sonya Savage issued the following statement regarding the start of Alberta pipeline construction for the Trans Mountain expansion project:

“This is a positive step forward for Trans Mountain, our province and our country.

“When operational, this pipeline will result in billions of revenues, and construction activites will spur thousands of well-paying jobs for Canadians across the country.

“That’s why it’s crucial the project not be subject to any further delays between now and completion. And while completion is the one true measure of success, it’s important to acknowledge milestones – like this – along the way.

“Perseverance has got us to this point. When others were criticizing our energy industry and the value of future pipelines, Albertans did not waver. That’s why our government has been tireless in our advocacy for the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project and why we’ll continue to engage the federal government to discuss Alberta’s priorities and challenges.

“We will continue to fight. To fight for investment, to fight for jobs, to fight for more pipelines and to fight to continue to develop our natural resources in a responsible manner for the benefit of all Canadians.

”Albertans can be assured their government will continue to stand up for our energy industry.”

Trans Mountain Expansion Update

Additional message from Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks:

“We’re pleased to see progress on a vital job-creating project facilitated in part by Alberta Environment and Parks’ efficient and effective permitting process. Alberta is a world leader in developing resources in an environmentally sound manner, and pipelines are the most efficient means of transporting those resources from the perspective of greenhouse gas emissions. I hope that movement on this project is a sign of even better things ahead for market access for Alberta oil and gas.”