Towns of Black Diamond and Turner Ask Residents: Help Us Conserve Water

Please Help Conserve Water – Low Reservoir Levels

 The water level of the reservoir has progressively declined over recent months and is currently approaching 70% capacity.  While this could trigger level 3 water restrictions (see attached), the towns of Turner Valley and Black Diamond believe that help from the public could assist in restoring adequate levels in the reservoir without imposing restrictions on the two communities.  Several factors have caused low reservoir including a lack of moisture over the summer, lower river levels, and provincial regulatory delays in completing the Sheep River direct intake system (which is designed to fill the reservoir more quickly). As a result, the Town of Turner Valley will be implementing measures to reduce its water consumption in all aspects of operations.

Effective immediately, the outdoor rink will not be flooded, and all departments will restrict water use and will delay unnecessary projects requiring large volumes of water.  These measures will be in effect until the reservoir water level improves and remains consistently above 80% capacity. The Town is asking residents and businesses to be diligent in in their efforts as well. To assist the Town in conserving water, we are asking for your help by reducing your home and business water consumption, where possible, for the next two weeks. We will update the public on a regular basis regarding the progress being made. Thank you for your anticipated support and cooperation.

Helpful water conservation tips:

  • Reduce non-essential water use
  • Check for and repair any fixture leaks
  • Take shorter showers; turn off the tap while shaving or brushing your teeth
  • Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes; set the water-level appropriately
  • Scrape, do not rinse the food off of dishes
  • Keep a jug of drinking water in your refrigerator (don’t run the tap to get ice-cold water)
  • Place vegetables and fruit in a partially filled sink or pot, then rinse them quickly

Additional information:

Water Use and Conservation Bylaw 14-1036 Water Use and Conservation

100 Ways to Conserve Water

or contact the Municipal Office at 403.933.4348. or