Town Water Main Valve Exercising Program to Begin in April


High River, AB: The Town of High River will be starting a water main valve exercising program from April 15 – October 31, 2015. This process is an important maintenance activity in order to ensure reliability of the water distribution system.

Initially, this process will be limited to the northwest areas of High River and residents may notice Water Works crews using equipment to systematically locate and exercise (open and close) water main valves to ensure that they are functioning properly. The valves are usually located in the middle of the street and workers will provide traffic accommodations and detours if needed.

This process is being completed in order to complete accurate documentation of the total number of valves and their exact locations in the system, ensure valve reliability in emergencies and identify problem valves that will need repair. Exercising valves also helps prevent buildup of rust or other deposits that could prevent a tight shutoff of the valve.

There is a possibility that small particles of rust and sediment may become dislodged during this process causing temporary discoloration of water. Although this discolored water does not pose a health risk, any residents who may be affected are asked to run all cold water faucets inside the home for 15 minutes, or until the water runs clear.

If the water continues to be discolored, please contact Town Operations at 403-652-4657.

NOTE: Please do not wash laundry while water is discolored. Washing clothes – specifically with chlorine bleach – when water is discolored will stain laundry.