Town of Turner Valley: Sanitary Wipes Community Notice

We are requesting your assistance in reducing the frequency of blocked sewage pumps within the sanitary sewage system of Turner Valley.

Our utility operators have reported that over the past few weeks the municipal sanitary sewage pumps have been clogged with flushable sanitary wipes. This has resulted in the North Lift Station’s pumps becoming blocked and needing immediate attention. These wipes do not dissolve like toilet paper, and therefore can plug off the impeller on these sewage pumps. Labelling on the cleaning and baby wipe packaging can be misleading as these products do not break down the same way as toilet paper. They will get stuck in sewer pipes and sewer pumping equipment.

The consequence of these wipes blocking flow through our pumps will result in a shutdown of our sanitary pumping system which translates into a significant amount of additional maintenance work and costly repairs or replacement of equipment. It only takes a few of these wipes to become lodged and block a pipe or a pump off completely. A clogged pump can burn out in a short time.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation as we try to avoid costly repairs, or a sanitary system out of commission over the holiday season.

Please be kind to your plumbing system and place used wipes and sanitary products in the trash. This will save you and the Town time and money as the costs of hiring a plumber to unclog your private sanitary sewer service line can be excessive and do not cover the cost of cleaning up potential sewer back up in your home.

Please help us and ‘Keep Wipes out of the Pipes.’

Thank you and best wishes for a truly happy holiday.

Andy Pfeifer, R.E.T., A.Sc.T.

Director of Engineering & Municipal Operations, Town of Turner Valley

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