Town of Okotoks Water Conservation and Leak Detection Program

The Town of Okotoks is working with EPCOR and Corix Water Products to implement a Water Conservation and Leak Detection Program. The program will continue to update or replace existing water meter infrastructure to provide advanced metering features.

Starting summer 2016, approximately 8,400 residential and commercial properties throughout the Town will have their water meter replaced or upgraded. Implementation of the program will take about 1.5 years, with completion estimated for the end of 2017.

As part of this program, Town residents and businesses will receive upgraded metering technology with advanced features including, leak detection, backflow monitoring, and remote connectivity capabilities. The new meters will allow customers to access a consumer portal to monitor water usage and use that information to discover any possible low-flow leaks that need to be addressed. This will reduce excessive water consumption and unnecessary expenses.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology enables two-way communication over a fixed network between the utility system and the customers. AMI water meters remotely transmit water-consumption information for individual water accounts.

The AMI system adds efficiency to the meter reading process, reducing the Town’s operating expenses. The Town can read the water meter without entering private property. The Town is responsible for the cost of the meter equipment and installation.

Corix has been contracted by EPCOR, on behalf of the Town of Okotoks, to complete the Town’s water meter installations and upgrades. Corix installers will start with commercial properties and installations will take approximately 30 minutes with a temporary water outage during this time. Corix employees will be wearing Corix branded uniforms and identification.

Water meters have been read via radio frequency for more than 10 years in Okotoks. This process is to upgrade the current radios so they can be read remotely from a tower based system. More information is available .