Town of Okotoks to Undertake Goldfish Eradication Program

Alberta Environment & Parks, together with the Town of Okotoks, will be treating with rotenone (plant-based chemical) and removing goldfish from the Drake Landing pond. A follow-up treatment to this pond and the Crystalridge storm pond will be undertaken by the Town of Okotoks subsequently. Please note that you may notice lower water levels in these ponds prior to the treatment being done. In addition, ponds upstream of the Drake Landing Storm Pond may also be lowered in the process (Beatrice Wyndham, Air Ranch, and Rancher’s Rise).

The Drake Landing treatments (weather permitting) are tentatively scheduled for:
• end of the week of August 15
• week of August 25 or 29

The Crystalridge treatments (weather permitting) are tentatively scheduled for:
• week of September 5
• week of September 19

We would like to remind residents not to release any aquarium or domestic water, plants or animals (dead or alive) into our storm ponds. Doing so threatens the health of our water bodies and the ecosystem of the Sheep River.

Residents are asked to please stay away from the areas during treatment.

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