Town of Okotoks Taking Action after Structural Damage and Asbestos Found at Old Creamery


Old Photo of Creamery in OkotoksExtensive structural damages were discovered as a result of the recent fire at the Old Creamery site on Riverside Drive. Asbestos has also been discovered. The Town’s insurers are recommending they begin to mitigate any possible issues that may arise.
Three major findings were put forward by the insurance adjusters:

  • Contain and remove the asbestos immediately
  • The building cannot be rebuilt from its current state as a result of the fire damage
  • The fire-damaged building should be removed as soon as possible to diminish any potential for injury

Council has requested the insurers mitigate the potential liabilities as soon as possible.

​Okotoks Mayor Bill Robertson said he and Council were “saddened at the loss of this historic building.”

In determining future use of this site, the Town will examine its options, including whether to rebuild. The Town will undertake public consultation to determine potential uses for the land.