Town of High River: Recreational vehicle parking bylaw in place Oct. 30 to April 1


HIGH RIVER, AB: The Town is reminding residents that in order to comply with local bylaws, all recreational vehicles must be removed from front yards and roadways in the fall until April 1 each year.

Bylaw 4235/2009 states that no person shall be allowed to keep or maintain a recreational vehicle (RV) in the front yard from October 30 to April 1.

The front yard of a residence is defined as the area extending the full width of the site, from the front property line to any part of the front façade of the building. This encompasses the full area between the building and the sidewalk or street, including the driveway.

Recreational vehicles can be parked in a side yard or a back yard, but cannot be parked on a roadway, including alleys, unless it is actively being loaded or unloaded. This means that an RV cannot be parked on the street if residents are living inside, no matter how temporary.

It should be noted that all trailers, whether recreational or not must be hitched to a tow vehicle at all times while parked or they are considered as uninsured and subject to towing and a fine under the Town of High River Traffic Bylaw (4310/2011).