Town moves to Water Conservation Level 5: Water restricted to essential use only

HIGH RIVER, AB: Effective immediately the Town of High River is at Water Conservation Level 5. Residents are being asked to severely restrict water to essential use only. The water treatment plant was shut down early this morning; Tuesday, Aug. 5, due to flooding within the building believed to be caused by a technical malfunction. The Town`s water supply is currently operating within the available treated and stored water within the reservoir as of 7 a.m. this morning.

“Crews are working as quickly as possible to get the water treatment plant back online,” said Albert Flootman, Director of Engineering, Planning & Operational Services for the Town. “We appreciate everyone’s assistance with conserving water while we work to correct this problem.”

During Water Conservation Level 5, anyone using the High River water supply is asked to follow these restrictions:

• Flush toilets ONLY as required (for solids).
• NO washing of exterior surfaces, buildings, sidewalks, driveways of any sort.
• Watering of lawns, trees, and shrubs is prohibited unless the source of water is a rain barrel
• Using water for filling outdoor decorative features such as fountains, pools or hot tubs is prohibited.
• Using water for construction purposes such as grading, compaction and dust control is prohibited.
• Severely restrict laundry use; bathing; dish washing and cleaning until further notice.
• NO washing of vehicles.

At Level 5 any New Lawn Watering Permits that have been issued are no longer valid.

High volume water users, including businesses, are also asked to follow these restrictions and are being notified.

Please note that water quality has not been affected and water from your tap is safe to drink.

Crews are working to pump out the building and once this is completed, the cause can be properly assessed and a plan derived to have the issue rectified. Another update will be sent by 4 p.m. through, and the Town’s social media accounts.