Town Inviting Public to Provide Feedback on Cannabis Consumption in High River

HIGH RIVER, AB: The Town of High River is asking the public for their feedback and opinions on the consumption of cannabis in public places within High River. The public can provide their input through an online survey available on

“Feedback from High River residents, business owners, and even those who visit or use High River as their community hub, is important to help us understand how we should manage public consumption of cannabis in High River when it becomes legal on October 17,” says Tom Maier, Town Manager. “We want as many people as possible to tell us what they think through our online survey and in-person events.”

The information collected through public engagement will be compiled and used to develop a first draft of a new Cannabis Consumption Bylaw. The new bylaw will be presented to Council for their consideration on September 10.

The questions asked in the survey are designed to gather specific input on whether or not smoking cannabis should be allowed in public spaces, and if so, where it should be permitted, what set backs should be put into place, and if there should be an exemption for medical cannabis use.

“It should be noted that the questions asked are in relation to smoking cannabis and not the consumption of edible or personal cannabis products. The Federal Government will be looking into other cannabis products in 2019, which at that time, we will go out to the public again for their input,” says Maier.

In addition to receiving input on cannabis consumption, the Town is looking for input to help update the current Smoking Bylaw (4507-2003). High River’s smoking bylaw was updated 15 years ago. Since then, additional health information and legislation has come into effect.

“We need to bring our bylaw up to date and align it with other municipalities,” says Maier.

The Town is conducting engagement on the public consumption of cannabis until September 7, 2018 through an online survey available at A list of in-person engagement opportunities will also be posted on the website once dates and venues are finalized.

Earlier this year, in May, Town Council approved amendments to the Land Use Bylaw to enable future retail sales of recreational cannabis in High River when it becomes legal.

For more information on High River’s approach to the legalization of cannabis, please visit