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Town of High River Requests Respect and Care of Newly Restored Wallaceville Area

HIGH RIVER, AB: The Wallaceville area east of Centre Street has now been fully restored with new topsoil and seed, returning it to an undeveloped state as part of the Town’s overall flood mitigation program.

The Government of Alberta (GOA) and the Town of High River request the public’s cooperation to respect this area. Considerable investment has been made in restoring this property for future public passive use and all vehicles and illegal dumping of any kind are strictly prohibited.

The newly restored area will soon be signed and fenced by the GOA prohibiting its use until the grass is fully established. The Town asks that the public stay out of the area and do not walk on the grass for any reason.

As part of the Town’s overall flood mitigation program and long term plan for a Centre Street transportation corridor, the Wallaceville area will be returned to an undeveloped state which will allow the river to flow more freely.

Dakota Reclamators Ltd. will return in the spring to finalize grading, topsoil and seed on the west side of Centre Street.

The majority of remediation work, including the removal of remaining structures, unused services and utilities, was completed between May and November 2017. For more information, please visit

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