Town of High River to Replace Gravel at Two Local Playgrounds

HIGH RIVER, AB: Beginning on Monday, November 27, crews from Farmboy Landscaping & Maintenance will be removing and replacing the gravel at the Highland Green and Spray Park Playgrounds.

As part of an ongoing maintenance program, the surfacing gravel (or pea gravel) at the two locations will be removed and new gravel will be installed.

Highland Green Playground (located at the intersection of Highland Green Drive and Highland Green View N.W.) and the Spray Park Playground (located at the intersection on High Country Drive and High Country Rise N.W.) will be fenced off and closed for up to two weeks.

Residents and visitors are asked to stay clear of these areas as they are considered to be active construction zones.

There are 12 other playgrounds in High River that will be available for use during construction, the list and locations can be viewed at