Town of Black Diamond Water Restrictions Have Been Set at Level 3 Until Further Notice

Tour_of_Alberta_Black_DiamondBylaw 14-14 was given 1st reading on June 18th, an Open House was held on July 10th and then the bylaw was given 3rd and final reading by Council at the July 16th Council meeting. On Tuesday July 22, the water restriction level was set at Level 3. This is basically an equivalent to the restrictions requested by Council for the past year, since the destruction of our water treatment plant.

However, Bylaw 14-14 has some fines attached for those who fail to comply.

Please take a few moments to read the bylaw if you have not done so already, and familiarize yourself with the bylaw, the requirements outlined within the bylaw, the water usage allowed at each of the 3 levels, and the fines for non-compliance.

Work is still happening to find secure supplies of water for both towns, but the reservoir supply continues to be used faster than it is supplied. Updates to the water supply situation will be made available to the public as changes happen. Stay in touch with our website, and watch your mailboxes for updates as they become available.

The fire ban will remain in place indefinitely until both towns determine that the water supply is secure enough to remove the bans.