Town of Black Diamond ~ Mayor Brown’s Christmas Message

Tour_of_Alberta_Black_Diamond-150x97.jpgMayor’s Christmas Message 2014

Christmas time is a special time that we spend with family and friends; it is a time of celebration and a time of lending a helping hand.  It is also a time of remembrance, a time of humility and a time of peace.
As we move into 2015 we may want to remember some of the accomplishments in our community. We have access to clean potable water for years to come in partnership with our surrounding communities of Turner Valley, Longview and the MD of Foothills. The Sheep River Regional Utility Corporation has been formed to supply the Diamond Valley with safe, clean water for years to come.

As we have been struggling to ensure the safety of our community through river mitigation and water restrictions, we have seen the reopening of the Bob Lochhead Memorial Lion’s Campground- with even more sites to come on-stream in 2015.  Parks and other recreation areas which were lost in the Southern Alberta Flood of 2013 will be re-established in 2015.

We have also seen many activities and tournaments in our community in 2014; the Oilfields Curling Club hosted the 2014 Mixed Provincials, our Diamond Valley Parade and Discovery Day and our annual Light Up.  These events take a tremendous amount of work and dedication not only by staff but by community members who volunteer their time to ensure we have successful events and showcase our community to its fullest – and man can we pull that off.  We would like to acknowledge our community partner and friend, the Town of Turner Valley with the 2014 Centennial Celebration of the Dingman Discovery.

Our community has had many conversations and discussions; from the Backyard Hen pilot project to drive-throughs, and community builders.  I have to say on behalf of Black Diamond Council, we have very much appreciated the dialogue and hope that in the future there are many more of these to come as we focus on the growth and development of Black Diamond and area in 2015.  It is so nice to see active community participation in action in our Council Chambers. This represents a type of democracy which is bound to happen to communities in times of change and growth.  2015 will give rise to many more of these community discussions as Black Diamond responds to our growth and development pressures so that our community can position ourselves for the future.

During the shopping season, I would like to remind both citizens and visitors of our great communities, that we live in the best place in Alberta; God’s Country so appropriately named the Heart of the Cowboy Trail. Let us keep our communities prosperous and viable. To do this we must support our local business, local charities and local communities.  We must encourage each other in times of need. We must celebrate in times of prosperity and at all times we need to support each other.

Merry Christmas and the best of the season to all, and here’s looking to a brilliant 2015.

Sharlene Brown
Mayor, Town of Black Diamond

2014-12-11 Christmas Greeting Card