Top 10 Mosquito Survival Tips

How to protect your family from bites

619-07232839There’s nothing more irritating and uncomfortable during a summer outdoor family adventure than the onslaught of pesky mosquitoes targeting you and your loved ones as their next prey. The hot, humid summer months are a time when families can bond while experiencing fun-filled outdoor activities. However, it’s also a time where mosquitoes and deer ticks like to roam and make our lives miserable and uncomfortable.

With that in mind, here are the top 10 bite prevention tips to make sure you and your family make it through this mosquito season:

• Wear light-coloured, loose clothing preferably long sleeves and long pants.

• Avoid wearing heavy fragrances when outdoors, especially at dusk and dawn, which is peak feeding time for mosquitoes.

• Remove areas of standing water near your house or campsite as they can be breeding areas for mosquitoes.

• Clean Gutters: Gutters clogged with debris allow stagnant water to form perfect landing zones for mosquito eggs.

• Wear closed shoes instead of sandals and a hat to avoid ticks.

• Tuck pants into socks.

• Inspect your clothing and body after exploring wooded or grassy areas.

• Avoid standing water. Mosquitoes are often attracted to water, especially standing water, so when on summer outings avoid lakes, stagnant creeks, bogs, marshes, and swamps.

• Avoid getting too hot. Mosquitoes are thought to be attracted to warm bodies so staying cool is one way to avoid bites. Avoid excessive exercise at dusk to help keep the bites at bay.

• Use an insect repellent to reduce bites when spending time outdoors in mosquito-infested areas.

In fact, Avon, the creators of the iconic Skin So Soft product line, has launched a bug repellent in Canada – Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Icaridin Repellent Spray II – that provides strong and dependable repellency against mosquitoes for up to five hours and deer ticks for up to seven hours. It’s DEET free which is important to a growing number of consumers.

Avon’s new Bug Guard repellent features Icaridin as its repelling agent, an effective alternative ingredient to DEET. Bug Guard has a pleasant fresh scent, is non-greasy, quick drying and has a light feel when applied.

Icaridin has been used worldwide since 1998, and is one of the best selling active ingredients contained in insect repellent products in Europe. It is now available in Canada through Avon Independent Sales Representatives. More information can be found at