Too Little, Too Late: United Conservatives respond to Trudeau Liberal government’s oil and gas announcement

EDMONTON, AB (December 18, 2018): United Conservative leader Jason Kenney has issued the following statement regarding the Trudeau Liberal government’s belated aid package to an oil and gas sector reeling from Trudeau Liberal policies:

“Today’s announcement does nothing to help the thousands of families in our province that are left unemployed as the result of Trudeau Liberal policies and actions. This announcement is too little, too late for those families suffering as the result of the Trudeau government’s anti-oil and gas agenda.

“If the Trudeau Liberal government was serious about helping support workers in our energy industry, they would pull their devastating ‘No More Pipelines Law’ Bill C-69 and pull their Tanker Ban Bill C-48, legislation that discriminates against Alberta oil but gives foreign oil a free pass.

“The Trudeau Liberals campaigned in the last election on stopping the Northern Gateway pipeline, a 525,000 barrels per day project that would have alleviated the oil price differential and ensured access to new markets for our natural resources.

“While the Federal Court of Appeal said that Northern Gateway consultations needed to be redone, ‘a matter that, if well-organized and well-executed, need not take long,’ the Trudeau Liberal government made the political decision to kill the project with no opposition from Alberta’s NDP government.

“A year later, they also killed the Energy East pipeline, further land locking Alberta’s resources and proceeded to let the NDP government of British Columbia obstruct the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, rewarding that government with multi-billion dollar discretionary funding for infrastructure funds.

“Alberta’s NDP government made a critical mistake in putting all their faith in their alliance with the Trudeau Liberal government, and today Albertans are facing the consequences.”