TMX Construction Restart: Premier Kenney

Premier Jason Kenney issued the following statement regarding the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project restarting construction:

“The ‘Notice to Proceed’ is a step forward for the much-delayed Trans Mountain Pipeline. This project has the support of the vast majority of Canadians, including seven out of 10 British Columbians. The news that construction will restart on this project is positive; however, there is still not reason to celebrate. The series of delays and the existing uncertainty around this vital project continue to present serious challenges. 

“As Trans Mountain begins to prepare for its construction restart, the federal and local authorities must ensure the rule of law is enforced and that construction is not illegally blocked. History has shown us that there are a small minority of individuals who are willing to break the law to prevent responsible resource development in Canada, and they must not be allowed to essentially veto a project that is vitally important – not only to Alberta, but to all of Canada.

“The start of construction is an important milestone, but it should have never taken this long. TMX has been mired in delays and has been through countless months of consultation and a lengthy and rigorous review process. It has been cancelled twice. This cannot be allowed to happen again. Because of all of this, there is only one way to measure success for this project: completion of the pipeline. 

“It is also worth pointing out that TMX is only one coastal pipeline. With the passage of the ‘No More Pipelines’ Bill C-69 and the Alberta tanker ban, Bill C-48, TMX will be the only new coastal pipeline for the foreseeable future. This is unacceptable. We continue to urge the federal government to listen to Albertans, to the vast majority of Canada’s premiers and to job creators, and repeal the ‘No More Pipelines’ law and the discriminatory Alberta tanker ban. Alberta’s government remains committed to fighting for additional pipelines, growing the economy and creating good jobs.”