Tips to Keep Healthy Habits as you Age

Tips to Keep Healthy Habits as you Age

The most recent census data taught us that for the first time, older Canadians outnumber children in Canada. As we prepare for the aging of the population, it’s important to practice healthy habits so we can all age well.

Incorporating the following habits into your routine will help keep you on the path to healthy aging:

Get moving. Sometimes a whole work day can pass before you realize you haven’t gotten out of your seat. Schedule daily breaks like a quick walk around the block, take the stairs, or do some stretches in your office. Staying active is important as you get older — both to maintain a healthy body weight and to reduce your risk of health conditions.

Don’t stress. Research has shown that emotional stress and anxiety are associated with an increased risk of conditions like type 2 diabetes. Stress can also make it more difficult to stick to healthy routines you have in place, such as exercising or eating regularly. Make sure to find time in your day to unwind and relax.

Schedule regular check-ups with your healthcare provider. It’s not always easy to understand if you have symptoms of a chronic condition. Your physician can provide advice, test you for relevant conditions and provide medications that can fit into your lifestyle. Though conditions like type 2 diabetes are common and may be lifelong, there are simple ways to live a long and healthy life with blood sugar levels in check. Options like once-weekly medications are available, and come in easy-to-use pens, which help limit how much sugar gets into the blood and help the pancreas release insulin as blood sugars rise.

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