Time For Alberta Education to Get out of Discovery Learning: Smith


EDMONTON, AB – With parents, teachers and education stakeholders warning against the detrimental impact of primarily using Discovery Learning methods and practices, the NDP government needs to allow teachers to get back to direct learning approaches, Wildrose Education Shadow Minister Mark Smith said today.

“Parents with children in public school deserve to know their kids are receiving a world-class education and aren’t being graduated from grade to grade without the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive world,” Smith said. “As an educator, I know our kids need to learn the basics before moving onto high school, university or the work world, if they’re going to be successful, and I fully support empowering our schools to implement proven, fundamental learning methods in the classroom.”

Research shows that a heavier emphasis on direct instruction leads to higher levels of learning.

After meeting with school boards and educators across the province, Smith said he’s firmly committed to supporting local decision making and ensuring that teachers have every support they need in the classroom to teach the fundamentals of learning.

“Education decisions are best left to the educational leaders at the school authority level,” Smith said. “Wildrose will continue to fight for local autonomy and support proven, fundamental learning methods in the classroom, and we encourage the NDP to join us in this cause.”