Throne Speech has Some Positive Reforms, But Fails to Address Economic Uncertainty


EDMONTON, AB (June 15, 2015): Today’s Speech from the Throne contains positive measures but lacks key details to address the looming fiscal crisis facing Alberta during a time of economic uncertainty, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said today.

“We are encouraged by a commitment to work with the opposition to ban corporate and union donations. Wildrose has long believed political parties should not even appear to be under the influence of special interests,” Jean said. “But given the serious fiscal situation Alberta is facing, it’s disappointing that there was zero mention today of addressing wasteful government spending. With the most expensive government in Canada, Alberta cannot just tax its way back to prosperity.”

On Friday, Wildrose called for the full budget to be presented to Albertans no later than September, but there was no mention in the throne speech of even a firm timeline or date.

“The NDP should not expect a blank cheque to authorize billions of new spending without giving Albertans a clear picture of the province’s finances and a full picture of when the budget will be in place,” Jean said.

Other elements missing from today’s throne speech include almost no details on how to reform the delivery of health care and no mention at all of agriculture and other significant industries.

“This throne speech was in many ways a promise to have a more detailed throne speech and budget later, and that is disappointing” Jean said. “Albertans want clarity on the economic policies and priorities of this government. In our uncertain economic times Albertans want predictability and stability and unfortunately the throne speech did not provide this.”