Throne Speech Focused on Albertans’ Priorities

Throne Speech Focused on Albertans’ Priorities

Fighting for pipelines, creating jobs and making sure this economic recovery is built to last and built for regular Albertans – that’s the focus of the Alberta government this legislative session.

“With nearly 90,000 jobs created over the past year and our economy growing, things are looking up. Now is the time to make sure the economic recovery benefits every Albertan. That’s why our focus is on creating more good jobs for people, diversifying our economy and making sure this economic recovery is built to last.”

~Rachel Notley, Premier

Today’s speech from the throne also makes it clear that Alberta will continue to fight for new pipelines to the Canadian coast. It says in part:

“In the past, when workers in our energy industry were attacked and when the resources we own were threatened, Premier Peter Lougheed took bold action.

“Your government has been clear: Every option is on the table.

“We will not hesitate to invoke similar legislation if it becomes necessary owing to extreme and illegal actions on the part of the B.C. government to stop the pipeline.”

Highlights of the 2018 throne speech

Creating jobs in a more diversified economy

  • Thousands of new spaces will be created in our post-secondary institutions that will be dedicated to technology.
  • A second round of the Petrochemical Diversification Program will create new jobs and attract new investment.
  • Work with industry to incentivize investment in new straddle plants and the commercialization of partial upgrading will help us get more from our resources.
  • Establishment of a capacity market will give people more stability in electricity prices.
  • More renewable energy will create jobs and diversify our electricity mix.
  •  A new Digital Industries Tax Credit will help this sector grow and create jobs.
  • Expansions to the Capital Investor Tax Credit and Alberta Investor Tax Credit will help businesses grow.

Working for regular people and families

  • There will be major initiatives to combat crime and help keep families and property safe, especially in rural areas.
  • Alberta’s lobbyist laws will be reformed to provide people with more transparency.
  • Work done to rein in out-of-whack salaries for executives of public bodies and board members will extend to post-secondary institutions.
  • Taxes on people and businesses will remain the lowest in Canada.
  • Work will continue with the public sector to reduce costs.
  • Access to supervised consumption sites will be expanded, based on the advice of public health leaders, law enforcement, community workers and Albertans who have witnessed this crisis first-hand.

Addressing inequality

  • Child care will continue to be made more affordable with the expansion of the $25-per-day child care pilot.
  • More kids will be able to get a good meal at school with the expansion of the school lunch program.
  • The minimum wage will rise to $15 per hour.
  • Crisis services for survivors of sexual violence will expand.
  • Work will continue to reconcile the destructive legacy of the Sixties Scoop.
  • Safe, clean, reliable drinking water will be brought to more First Nations communities.

Premier Notley noted that, with the economic recovery here, public-sector capital spending will slow and work will continue to bring the overall cost of government down.

“The days of taxpayer-funded perks for political insiders are done. We got rid of ridiculous excesses like taxpayer-funded golf club memberships for friends of the former government and we are going to keep making sure our government works for regular Albertans.”

~Rachel Notley, Premier