Three Must-Do's For Getting the Most When Selling Your Car

For just about every Canadian car owner, selling a vehicle can be a stressful no matter how savvy the sales pitch.

But getting the best deal possible is all about planning, according to Ian MacDonald, director of marketing at He says that following a few simple rules of thumb will help guide even sellers with even little to no experience.

“We know that it can be nerve-wracking, trying to get the most out of the deal,” MacDonald says. “But a few key steps help build confidence that you’re selling a car that’s going to be right for someone—and make it all happen as soon as possible.”

Great pictures are worth it

Searching online has become the go-to first step for car buyers everywhere, MacDonald says. “And having a great photo of your vehicle may mean the difference between getting your asking price, or having to drastically reduce. Think of your online listing as your car’s CV. You want it to look its best.”

Get the value 411

Knowing the asking price of similar models is the first step in pricing your own vehicle properly, says MacDonald. “You’ll have to be in the same ballpark, and one easy way to find out is our Value Finder based on over 400,000 listings.” A simple input of make and model yields price comparisons in the high, low and average ranges.

Get smarter with your phone

With technology readily available, it makes sense for sellers to avail themselves of tools such as smartphone apps that allow them to have on-the-go comparisons at their fingertips. “You could be standing in your driveway, and know that a similar vehicle is also for sale nearby. That information can be absolutely critical.”

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