This is Home: Calgary Homeless Foundation Report to Communities 2015


During the past year, 895 housing placements were made by community agencies funded by CHF. Responding to the affordable housing crisis in our city, CHF received the green light to proceed with plans to construct 3 new purpose-built apartment buildings with a combined capacity of almost 80 units. Through the collaborative efforts of the RESOLVE Campaign the first of these constructions, Stepping Stone Manor, is on target to open by fall 2015, providing 30 of Calgary’s most vulnerable citizens a place to call home. In October 2014, Alberta was the first province in Canada to conduct a province-wide Point-In-Time count of homelessness. From that count we learned that the homeless population in our province has decreased by 15% since 2008, verifying the successful outcomes being achieved by Plans to end homelessness across Alberta. We also learned that 54% of the homeless population counted that night were here in Calgary. But we are making an impact, as evidenced by a 15% decrease in homelessness per 100,000 population in our city over the last 7 years.

This report provides updates on the work of the Calgary Homeless Foundation for 2015.