Think Outside the Gift Box

I’ve been coming to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park since it first opened. I remember taking my now six-year-old dog here on Boxing Day six years ago and saying ‘hi’ to a member of the volunteer park patrol. I remember climbing the big hill one April, seven months pregnant with my first daughter and cursing my decision to come for a walk in the sun with no water. And I remember coming here when that daughter was born, singing to her the whole way back to our car to keep her from crying.

This park is special to me, as I know it’s special to all of you. Whether you have attended our Park Talks, taken part in one of our golf cart tours, visited the Information Centre or simply just enjoyed a walk along our paths, Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation has played a role in enhancing your visitor experience.

We are excited to continue our core programming in 2018 and offer new events at the park like mindfulness walks and golf cart tours translated into multiple languages. We will work again with partners like Wildlife Preservation Canada, the University of Alberta and Alberta Parks on initiatives like the Citizen Science Pollinator Monitoring Project and collaborate with new organizations and groups too. Our volunteers will continue to do great work and we welcome new volunteers should you be interested. I also urge you to become a member of our Foundation. Besides discounts and perks, you will be supporting the work we do. Here’s an idea: buy a few memberships as holiday gifts right now and save yourself a trip to the mall. You’re welcome!

This holiday season, as we all rush about our lives, crossing things off our lists and trying to make sure that we buy/bake/make/clean all we need to, I like to think that Glenbow Ranch is here just waiting for us when we need it. A place to get away from it all and take in the sheer beauty of the region. Here you will find no holiday music or neon lights. Just nature in its purest form. I don’t know about you, but I think that is a pretty fantastic gift and one I am grateful for.

Happy Holidays to you and yours,
Sarah Parker

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