Where There’s Water, There’s Risk

rafting in CalgaryWith temperatures heating up, citizens are reminded to enjoy our lakes, rivers and waterways this summer in a safe and responsible way.

Wearing a proper-fitting life jacket is the number one precaution people of all ages can take. The City of Calgary and Calgary Police Service (CPS) are urging boaters and rafters to use them every time they’re out on the water.

“It’s simple, life jackets save lives and we want everyone to go home safe,” says Carol Henke, public information officer, Calgary Fire Department.

A City bylaw requires anyone in a boat, raft or other form of water vessel to wear a life jacket when on the Bow or Elbow River within city limits, or the Glenmore Reservoir. If personal safety isn’t incentive enough, failing to wear one can come with a $500 fine.

“Regardless of swimming ability or how deep the water is, someone who’s hurt or unconscious won’t be able to keep their head out of the water,” said Henke. “Unexpected things happen in the water – even in shallow water – and they happen very quickly. There’s no time to put on a life jacket after the fact.”

Alcohol is another major safety concern. Drinking in public and having alcohol aboard a boat or raft is illegal.

“Calgarians’ safety is always our first concern,” Henke added. “Go out and have fun, just please do it safely and responsibly.”

For more information, please visit calgary.ca/watersafety.