Theoren Fleury Backs Brian Jean for United Conservative Leader

Theoren Fleury Backs Brian Jean for United Conservative Leader

CALGARY, AB: Wednesday, Brian Jean received the endorsement of Theoren Fleury to become the leader of Alberta’s United Conservatives.

Fleury, former NHL stanley cup champion with the Calgary Flames and expert in relational trauma, said Jean will champion those forgotten in society and better mental health services for Albertans.

“Talking with Brian, I can see the type of man he is. He’s someone who cares deeply about his province and his community. He will fight for survivors and those suffering from addictions. He’s the right man to become the next Premier of Alberta,” Fleury said. “I watched it first hand during the Fort McMurray fires. He carried the pain of many throughout his community who lost their homes and lost their livelihoods. He showed, and continues today to show, true servant leadership for the people of Alberta.”

Fleury urged all United Conservative members to vote for Jean going into the weekend.

“I know the support that’s needed to become a victor over trauma and abuse. Nothing is more important. Brian gets this. I encourage everyone voting this weekend to support Brian,” Fleury said.

Jean thanked Fleury for his support and his work in the community.

“Theo is an incredible example and leader not just in Calgary, but for men and women across Canada,” Jean said. “I’m grateful for his support.”