The Worthington Water Closet – a Solar-powered Innovation for Alberta’s Low Carbon Future

A Visit to Worthington Construction in Standard, Alberta

by Janet Keeping, Alberta Green Party

Worthington Water Closets (2)Mike Worthington, a professional engineer, ran for the Greens in Strathmore-Brooks in the May general election. Although he lives in Calgary now, Mike is from Standard. He’s passionate about finding innovative and green ways to revive the economy of towns like it. Together with his mother Bena who is a partner in the business, Mike built a workshop that is solar powered and completely off the grid for his company in Standard.

The focus of the company lately has been the development of relocatable, solar-powered washrooms. Worthington Construction is working with SAIT on this project and, although they are not yet in commercial production, there are companies already expressing interest in buying Worthington Water Closets. For more information please look at

Worthington Water Closets (1)Mike envisions a substantial solar-powered production facility right there in his hometown.

I went to Standard with my husband Phil Elder and past-president of the party Susan Stratton for an open house on November 19th.