The System Needs to be Fixed: Why are Children on Canada’s “No Fly” List?

We need your help. This ONE minute video encapsulates media coverage on #NoFlyListKids.

We are a grassroots movement of Canadian families whose children are for no reason on the Canadian No Fly List. Please view this video and “Comment” “Like” “Share” and/or “Tweet” to your own networks.

We, as Canadians, need to help #FixThis for all of the affected families across our country. The Federal Government (Ministry of Public Safely) announced an enquiry webpage called the PPIO…

This is a way to buy time over the busy summer travel months and does not fix the problem.

We need to keep pressure on the government to clear our children OFF the NO FLY LIST immediately permanently. #FIXTHIS For more information please visit…

Thank you for your support!